The world analytical instrumentation market has been showing strong growth. The constantly increasing release of high-technology products provides growing demand in appropriate metrological base. Average annual growth of the world market of spectroscopy is 5-10%. New technology by Fourier Photonics is applicable in molecular spectroscopy and related applications. The total market for the new solution is $2.5 billion per year (according to SDI, 2012). Direct market for the laboratory Fourier Transform spectrophotometer is estimated at $1.08 billion per year.

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According to market research the world market of spectrometric instrument production was $3.6 billion in 2011 [1], including NMR spectrometers, UV-Vis and NIR spectrometers, colorimeters, Raman spectrometers, fluorescent spectrometers, polarimeters, refractometers and ellipsometers.

The share of lab spectrometric instruments for the UV-Vis and NIR spectral ranges is about one third ($1.08B) of the total sales of all types of devices including both universal research spectrophotometers and simpler models of colorimetric and photometric instruments.

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UV-Vis and NIR spectrophotometers, which are currently available on the market, are mostly based on dispersion optics. The dispersion method has some significant limitations that affect the speed and reliability of measurements, as well as the cost.

The Fourier Transform method provides an alternative approach for spectral measurements, considerably exceeding the capabilities of the dispersion method. In the infrared range, due to high speed, resolution,†reliability and reproducibility of measurements, Fourier Transform spectrophotometer (FTS) has actually replaced dispersion devices. However, the development of FTS operating in the UV-Vis range is associated with a number of significant technical difficulties and considerably increases the cost.

The report by SDI Inc.†points out the dominant position of FTS in the infrared range - more than 90%, more than 35% in the NIR region, and a complete absence as a segment in the UV-Vis range. Thus, the development of a low-cost reliable UV-Vis-NIR Fourier spectrophotometer remains an actual task, which, according to the authors of the project, is in high demand in the global market, due to ever-growing needs for higher sensitivity and spectra acquiring rate. This will create a new segment of Fourier Transform UV-Vis-NIR spectroscopy.


1. The laboratory and analytical life science instrumentation industry. Global assessment report 12th edition. Market forecast 2012-2016 by Strategic Directions International Inc. (October 2012).

2. Lawrence S. Schmid. The Spectroscopy Market Hits Its Stride. Spectroscopy 26 (3), March (2011).

List of abbreviations::

NMR - nuclear magnetic resonance
UV - ultraviolet
Vis - visible
IR – infrared
NIR - near infrared